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At times, couples may find themselves in a relationship where they begin to drift apart and feel disconnected, alone, sad and hurt. In their best attempt to deal with the downward spiral, they engage in behaviours that only perpetuate their negative patterns of interaction. Specifically, partners may find themselves in situations where they may be:

  • Feeling “stuck” in repetitive arguments, struggling to express themselves or be heard.
  • Experiencing a sense of emptiness or discouragement, wondering if their issues will ever be resolved.
  • Dealing with feelings of betrayal or devaluation, leading to a breakdown in trust and intimacy.
  • Missing the deep emotional connection, feeling more like roommates than partners.

Drawing from the latest research and the principles of EFT, my approach is centered on guiding couples towards emotional reconnection. Together, we create a safe and supportive environment where you and your partner can explore and understand the root causes of your relational challenges.

During our sessions, we will uncover the negative patterns of interaction, often termed as “demon dialogues,” that keep you trapped in cycles of conflict and disconnection. By shining a light on these patterns, you gain insight into the underlying emotions driving your interactions.

One of the core principles of EFT is the belief that we are wired for emotional connection. Through open dialogue and vulnerability, I help you create opportunities for you and your partner to express your deepest emotions and needs. This process lays the foundation for rebuilding trust, intimacy, and marital satisfaction.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is grounded in the idea that emotional connection is fundamental to our well-being. Just as infants seek reassurance from caregivers during times of distress, adults seek emotional responsiveness from their partners. Dr. Sue Johnson, in her seminal works, “Hold Me Tight” and “Love Sense,” underscores the importance of attunement and emotional responsiveness in nurturing relationships.

In essence, EFT offers a roadmap for couples to navigate the complexities of their emotions, fostering a deeper understanding and connection that withstands the challenges that life presents to us.

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