family therapy

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Welcome to Family Therapy, where the priority lies in the restoration of connection and resilience within families through Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). My approach follows the principles and practices of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), tailored specifically to address family dynamics.  

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy is grounded in attachment theory and it aims to restore and enhance familial bonds by focusing on effective caregiving responses, emotional accessibility, and the repair of attachment-related injuries. The ultimate objective is to establish secure family patterns that facilitate individual growth and meaningful relationships across generations.

The EFFT process involves a targeted approach to transform negative interaction patterns within families. By stabilizing these patterns, restructuring parent-child interactions, and consolidating newfound security, I guide families through the journey of change. Following the principles of attachment science, my therapy aims to create new patterns of parental availability, responsiveness, and coherent attachment communication. Together we delve into understanding and addressing blocks in parental caregiving responses and interpreting children’s behavior through the lens of attachment needs or fears. Ultimately, it is my intent to help you  overcome generational influences and foster a more responsive, accessible and engaged family dynamic.

This can be accomplished by helping you expand awareness of unacknowledged feelings associated with the family’s negative patterns, breaking free from reinforcing distress by reframing family distress and child problems within relational blocks, promoting awareness and access to underlying caregiving intentions and unmet attachment-related needs and creating a safe space for the sharing of unmet attachment needs and effective caregiving responses. 

                  Ready to make the changes?    Join me in this journey of healing and growth and promote positive change within your family relationship.

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